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Week Four | When God Gives You More Than You Can Handle

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Week Four | It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way  Online Bible Study
Reading Assignment – Chapters 7 & 8 | Pages 110-147

In December of 2015, I unexpectedly and tragically lost my grandpa, or Poppy as we called him.  Up to this point, I was pretty used to experiencing a loss (as I had lost a few family members as a child), but this specific type of loss was new and life-shattering.  

Over the next two years, I did everything I could to run from and numb the grief and suffering that I wasn’t prepared to face fully.  I eventually found myself in a very dark point in my life and was further from God then I had ever been before.  I was lost, hopeless, suffering, and afraid.

Two years later I still felt as broken as I had before.  My life was a mess, as was my sense of identity and my relationship with God.  

One evening in November, as I was driving to meet a friend for dinner, I got a phone call from my dad.  He told me Charlie, my first dog, had passed away during the day.  

I was devastated.  Charlie had been with me through every prior loss, every disappointment, every heartbreak, every breakdown, and now he was gone.  I didn’t know how to live my life without him.  

I vividly remember driving home from work one evening and just crying out to Jesus in prayer.  Through my tears, I surrendered my fear to him. “God, I keep experiencing all of this loss.  How am I supposed to handle all these heartbreaks I keep experiencing? I’m so afraid that I’ll keep losing those I love until one day I’m the only one left.  God, I am afraid of being alone.”

Immediately in my heart, I heard the words, “As long as I am with you, you will never be alone.

It was at that moment that I realized that I wasn’t meant to do any of this on my own.  

“God doesn’t expect me to handle this.  He wants me to hand this over to him.”
Lysa TerKeurst| It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way (Pg. 112) 

All of the burdens I was carrying on my shoulders, all the grief, suffering, disappointment, worry, and fear, they were NEVER meant for me to carry.  My Savior was eagerly waiting, arms spread wide, for me to surrender every one of these burdens at his feet. 

When we face disappointments or sufferings of any kind, it can be easy to feel angry with God for allowing these things to happen to us.   Instead of this anger, imagine what could happen if we changed how we viewed our disappointments.  What if we started seeing our disappointments for what they truly are, another opportunity for God to work in our lives?  

Lysa poses this question in chapter eight,  “What if the worst parts of your life are actually gateways to the very best parts you’d never want to do without?” (Pg. 134).  

In John 8:12, Jesus says, I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.”

Friends, I can testify that without having spent time in the darkness, I wouldn’t know how badly I needed the Light.  

No matter what news we may be given throughout our lives, through His word, God reminds us of the truths we can rest in.  This is God’s truth:

  • I am the way and the truth and the life (John 14:6). 
  • I am forever faithful (Psalm 146:6).
  • I am with you (Isaiah 41:10).
  • I am holding you (Psalm 73:23).
  • I am your hiding place (Psalm 32:7).


Let’s chat!  We’d love to hear from you once you’ve had some time to read through this week’s reading assignments.  Come back to this space & share your thoughts in the comments below about:

Identify – In this week’s reading we’re faced with the reality that sometimes we are burdened with more than we can handle.

When have you felt burdened by the weight of your circumstances, and how did God minister to you?

In the Word – This week’s Scripture focus comes from Isaiah 41:10 (NIV). Download our weekly Scripture card.  Print it and hang it in a place where you’ll come across it often this week, to aid in memorization.

Share with us in the comments; we’d love to hear from you!

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  1. So honored to have had Paige and my family by my side as well when we faced the most difficult trial in our lives. So blessed to read your testimony Paige. Love you

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