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My How Things Have Changed!

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Today I’m sitting behind a desk watching the rain beat against the window. It’s May for crying out loud, enough with the copious amounts of precipitation! It is almost as if I’m in one of the rainiest (is that a word?) cities I know, London. 


London!  I was in London exactly two years ago today.  My how things have changed…and not just my surroundings, but who I am and what I’ve become!

My How Things Have Changed - www.imperfectvessel.com




Believe it or not, my trip to England started my passion for blogging. Since it was only my brother and I making the trip, I decided that I would blog about our journeys, using the app Off Exploring, to share with friends and family back home in the States.  Want to read about our travels?  Read more here


It’s sometimes funny that it requires someone outside of the situation to help me to see it for what it is and my friend Erin’s comment on one of the travel journal posts sparked something inside of me.  A newbie blogger was born!

My How Things Have Changed! - www.imperfectvessel.com


My life was so different two years ago, that when I look back on pictures from the trip, I hardly recognize myself!  


Stress could have been my middle name at that point in time.  Working full time, going to school part time and running a small business on the side was sheer chaos and I was feeling the effects of it wearing on me.  I was not in a positive place and it didn’t help that I was surrounded by some very toxic people.

My faith and relationship with Christ, though always a present force guiding me, was not the foundation that I was resting upon.  As a matter of fact, just months after traveling abroad, I stopped going to church for all-together for a few months.  We’ll call that rock-bottom.

My confidence was wrapped up in a bundle of nerves and my anxiety was sometimes overbearing.  I struggled with holding your every day conversation (not that the introvert in me ever has an easy time with this).  I felt foreign even to myself; that even though I’ve always been shy and a little backwards, I was not functioning as well as I once had.

And then there’s a matter of my weight.  I had was proud of myself for losing five pounds before our trip, but it effectively placed me only five pounds lighter than my heaviest weight.  Being concious of my health and including exercise into my weekly schedule has had a huge impact on me and my appearance.  I have dimples I never knew were there!  

My How Things Have Changed - www.imperfectvessel.com


Since that trip two years ago, my life has been transformed.  Of course I’ve tripped and fallen a few times along the way.  I. Am. Human.  But I decided that enough was enough and I was going to make a better future for myself than the present that I had been facing.


I am a natural worrier, but my stress levels have dramatically decreased.  

My faith has blossomed in a way that was wholly unexpected.

Having confidence in all things is still a work in progress, but I’m leaps and bounds ahead of where I was.

I’ll allow the picture above to speak for itself!

As of late, I’ve had at least a half dozen people whom I’ve known for years walk by me without a thought because they honestly did not recognize me.  I don’t know if it’s my uber-short haircut, my new found confidence, the way that I conduct myself by focusing on Christ instead of myself, or the dramatic weightloss that has helped me to drop over 4 pant sizes in less than a year.

I sure miss London and all of things and people I got to see while there, but I sure don’t miss who I was while I was there.  It’s so very easy to say, “My how things have changed!”  But in the next breath, I must also utter, “My how thankful I am!”










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    1. Thank you so much, Jenna. So blessed to have you here. I pray that you may be able to do the same as well! Faith, it’s a hard road to walk, but the rewards are oh so wonderful! Blessings, my sister!

  1. I love this!! I often find that travelling (or breaking out of the normal routine, really) gives me a better perspective on a lot of things. I love that last photo of you!

    1. Chantel, glad to see you back again! It is interesting how stepping out of the familiarity of life really brings things to light. Thank you for your sweet compliment as well! Hope you have a blessed rest of your week!

  2. Hi Bree,
    I so enjoyed reading your heart felt post, thanks for sharing your journey with us. I’m glad you enjoyed your time in England (my home)

    1. Yay, I had no idea I had Brits reading, how exciting! Where are you from Anita? I have family in Litchfield and in the Ripon area…and friends all over! Thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughtful comment! Blessings to you today!

  3. hello, Bree! i’m so glad your relationship with Jesus is more steadfast and that you’re much more confident in your skin! you look classy and lovely in the cute dress. 🙂

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