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Operation Christmas Child: Update

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Earlier this month, I shared with you 200+ ideas for packing Operation Christmas Child boxes, as I prepared to select items for my own boxes.  The lists were extensive, but they were also full of great ideas and tips of items that are beneficial to both boys and girls.

Together, my mom and I wrote up our lists of items that we wanted to include and decided to hit the local Dollar General store for all of our items.  There were a few different displays of “Clearance” items that appeared to be set up especially for the type of shopping we were doing.  

Our cart was filling up pretty quickly, so we scoured the rest of the store for great finds for our kiddos boxes.  The largest ticket item that was purchased was $5, and that was a scarf that I used to line the box for my 10-14-year-old girl.

And here is our loot…

We’ve been very blessed to be able to find all that we need to pack our boxes for several years at the Dollar General. With the list of supplies below, we are able to get in and out of the store in 30 minutes or less!  

How to Pack a Box


We found some great VBS stickers to put in the bottom of our boxes.  Next was a roll of duct tape, a handful of rubber bands, a bouncy ball, and a bar of soap.  


We layered on top: a ziplock snack bag of band-aids, a ziplock snack bag of hair ties, 3 toothbrushes, a variety of combs, headbands, 3 “party” beaded necklaces, and 3 pairs of socks.


In the pencil case are a spiral journal, colored pencils, lead pencils, a pencil sharpener, pens, cap erasers, and a pair of scissors.  


Last, but not least, we found a stitched drawstring bag that we folded in half and laid on top.  It all fits!

As you can see, we made sure to trace our own hands on the inside of the box lids, along with the saying, “Put your hand on mine and we can pray together.  God Bless!” as a way to connect with the recipient of our boxes.

Gift Suggestions

Some of the items we have packed for 2 girls (ages 10-14):

For your convenience, we’ve put together a list that can be purchased from Amazon.com with Prime shipping. Most items are suitable for both boys and girls, of all ages!

Pencil Case
Drawstring Bags
Bouncy Balls
Coloring Book
Bible Story Books
Extra Batteries
Brush/Comb Combo

Hard candy and toothpaste are no longer permitted due to customs regulations. (Update 2017)
**Read more on the do’s & don’ts from Samaritan’s Purse.

Many of the links above are for multi-packs, so consider getting together with a friend and pack your boxes together!

This pile is only one-third of the boxes that were collected by my church to be sent to OCC!  

Incredible, huh?

Final Step

My mom and I made our donations for shipping/handling online and so we were able to print coded shipping labels for our three boxes.  The bar code on each one will be scanned for shipping, which will then provide us, via email, information on the whereabouts (to what country they are delivered) of our packages.

I can’t wait to find out and to keep praying for the children that will place their tiny palms next to the tracing of mine!

Want to begin gathering ideas for next year’s collection?  
Check out my OCC board on Pinterest for more ideas on how to bless a child at the most special time of the year! Follow Bree Blum’s Operation Christmas Child on Pinterest

What’s your favorite thing to put in an Operation Christmas Child box?

Operation Christmas Child

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    1. Caroline,
      I’ve done OCC for many years with different organizations, as well as my church and it’s always such a great reminder of what an impact we can make in the lives of others by coming together to share His love and His grace – even with children halfway across the world! Have you ever packed boxes for OCC? If not, I hope you’ll consider doing it next year. It’s an incredible experience!

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