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6 Ways to Overcome Busyness and Remain R.O.O.T.E.D in the Word

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I don’t know about you, but these three months of brightly lit, sunshiny days seem to be zipping by right before my eyes. Last year was such a bummer with literally everything being canceled, and so it seems like we are in the race for our lives this year to do All.The.Things. 

But I have a question I need to answer in the midst of this… and maybe you do too.

Does this race include pauses for the refreshment of spending time with the Lord? 

I certainly think it needs to. I’ve been around the spiritual block more than once in my life and no matter what season I’m in, I need to make sure that I’m carving out time for Him! 

So, today I’m sharing 6 ways that I’m intentionally overcoming the busyness in my life and remaining firmly R.O.O.T.E.D. in the Word. 

I hope this encourages you to examine your life and make sure to take time for the most important things.

R – Run to the Word in the morning

This.is.important. And just so you know, this recommendation comes from someone who is not a morning person at all.

Upon stepping out of bed to brew coffee, I either grab my favorite study Bible (I’m obsessed with The Complete Jewish Study Bible) or I open the Dwell app on my phone and listen to one of many “liquid gold” voices who read through the books of the Bible in a variety of accents.

If I miss my window with the Lord right off the bat, I struggle to get it in later. And I’m way more likely to grumble and lose my temper with my family. Refreshing my mind and heart first thing that reminds me of who God is and helps me focus on what is really important—Him.

O – Open your heart

In my Christmas devotional, I recommend taking time in silence with the Lord after filling your mind with Scripture. So many people told me engaging with the Lord this way was their favorite thing, and I completely agree with them. 

When I carve out the time to do this, it’s like the Lord is right across from me, knee to knee, with a pot of the best coffee ever, ready to fill me to overflowing. Only it’s not caffeine He’s handing out, it’s His Word—the best energizer EVER.

If you find your mind cluttered when you begin, just jot those distractions down on paper so you don’t have to hold onto them anymore. They can wait. Really!  I’ve also found that just the right Worship song can help center me as well. And when all that preparation is done—just sit quietly with Him, ready to receive whatever He has for you.

O – Objectively choose your activities

Seriously friends and I’m preaching to myself here too… objectively evaluate your schedule. When my day is jam-packed with activity from sunup to sundown, I know something must give. 

Putting up boundaries keeps us from becoming frazzled and protects our sanity. I say yes to many things. It’s so hard when really ‘good’ things come up, but I find myself throughout the day asking the Lord, “What should I do with this?”

When I focus on fewer things at a time, I can more closely pay attention to the things God is bringing to mind, which is crucial in staying rooted in Him.

T – Tease your eyes with prompts to pause

I love beautiful things and have placed visual reminders all over my home to help me to focus on God’s Word. 

My favorite prompt to pause is a monthly subscription to receive temporary tattoos to help with Bible-verse memorization, also called Dwell, but not to be confused by the above-mentioned Bible reading app. 

Once a month, I receive three temporary tattoos that contain the first letters of each word in the Bible verse for that month, as well as a little fob to put on my keychain and a postcard to put on the wall. When I notice it on my arm, boom, I pause to remind myself of the truth inked on my skin. 

This month, Psalm 116:7 has been playing in my mind, “Return to your rest my soul, for the Lord has been good to you.” 

He has indeed been so, so good. For me, and I would imagine for you as well, placing visual reminders to pause and reflect on God’s Word throughout the day will help nourish those deep roots.

E – Engage with a curated playlist

Seriously—music is my jam!  I make worshipping the Lord through song habitual. We typically have Christian music playing in our home throughout the day and in the car. But sometimes, I need something more specific. 

I am a huge proponent of creating playlists to help my mind and heart engage more deeply on topics that I’m wrestling with. 

There is something about music that shifts our perspective and can cause us to think about our circumstances differently—and help us find peace as we deepen our roots into God’s Word through music.

D – Don’t go to bed without reframing your heart in the Word

Confession time. . . I almost didn’t include this because I’m not doing this well.

Maybe you’re like me, and when the day ends, you want to unplug by turning on something dumb on Netflix. I’m realizing that when I prepare to sleep for the night, it should begin with a re-rooting in Him and not a disconnect. 

I’ll be making a sticky note for my headboard today to remind me! It may take me a while to firmly engrain this into my end-of-day routine, but I know it will hem my day in the Lord and I know a greater refreshment of my soul will follow.

Sisters, I hope this lands softly. Perhaps today is the day, as my decision about the bedtime routine, that you decide to make one change. And if so, I’m cheering you on!

May we be women who choose God over the world and become firmly R.O.O.T.E.D. in Him.

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