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Simplify Your Life and Start Living

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Have you ever watched movies or heard stories about what life was like in the 1950’s or 60’s and thought how easy going it seemed?  Did you wish for a time machine so you could jump back in time to the days of a more simplified life?  I know I have.
Somehow, we’ve moved into an age where chaotic and time-crunched schedules are the norm.  We’ve allowed our cell phones, ringing and beeping with new calls and notifications to rule our lives.  When we find time to meet up with friends, our faces are still buried in the latest news on Facebook or Twitter, or we’re busy pinning our 25th recipe or DIY project of the day (the one we undoubtedly will never make), too involved in virtual reality to focus on the here and now.

Our homes are filled to the brim with things that we have long forgotten we possess or things that we intend to use, but simply do not have the time for.  Our friendships are often limited to the people that we work with and see on a daily basis, rather than the people that we spent our summers with as a child.  Our relationships with family are strained due to everyone’s schedules overlapping and since we don’t take the time to sit down and enjoy one another’s company any longer.

Our faith is sometimes put on the back burner because though we believe in God, we make excuses to stay in bed on Sunday mornings because it’s our only chance to rejuvenate ourselves after a busy week.  Or we plan dates with our remotes to catch up on the latest Good Wife or Big Bang Theory episode instead of attending the Bible study you used to enjoy. God knows you love Him, so why go to the extra effort?

What do we achieve by living this type of lifestyle?  Stress, anxiety, issues maintaining a healthy weight, a lack of confidence in ourselves, feelings of hopelessness, and sometimes the onset of life-threatening illnesses.  Is it really worth all of that?

Throughout the coming weeks, I will be focusing on a six-part series entitled, Simplify Your Life and Start Living, where I intend to share different ideas of how you can make small changes to your life that will provide big impacts, and allow you to begin living the life that God destined you to live.

What do you say?  Are you ready to get on board in making some life improvements, to pair down and simplify?

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