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Coming Down From A Jesus High

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I don’t quite have the shakes, but I’m definitely experiencing withdrawal symptoms. ย I’m without a doubt craving the high, as well as the bright lights and colors I experienced over the weekend. ย However, I’m not talking about a chemically induced high that you may be thinking of, but one that is much more natural.
After this weekend, I’m learning to adjust as I’mย coming down from a Jesus high.

A jam-packed week full of rehearsals and a weekend full of performances has left me groggy and still humming the tunes of songs that I’ve been practicing for months. ย It’s also left me in awe of what I’ve witnessed over the past few days and quite frankly a little depressed that I don’t get to see these people who have become like family again this Sunday for another run through.

Last week I spent nearly everyday, with these folks. ย The historical Capitol Theatre stage, wings and dressing rooms, where famous Country music artists have performed and hung out, became home to us.
We perfected the art of looking “Biblical” and tried out a number of shades of blush and eye shadow so we wouldn’t disappear under the stage lights. ย We put Vaseline on our teeth so that the bright shades of lipstick wouldn’t stick to them, and we guided the folks who had to pocket their glasses for the performances through the dimly lit areas of the theatre.
We cheated on our diets and snacked on homemade cookies from new friends as we chatted backstage about relationships and what we face as Christians in today’s world. And though we’veย busted our butts since January, learning lyrics, what notes to hit (and NOT to hit), what cues to follow, where to stand, and what to do with our hands, that work is just small potatoes compared to the work that God’s been doing.
Though I spent most of each show staring into blinding spotlights, when the lights dimmed I could look into the faces of the people who were being witnessed to. ย I saw the horror on their faces as the character of Jesus was being led to the cross and I watched as they wiped their tear-stained faces as they exited the theatre.
Friday and Saturday nights were well attended, but Sunday afternoon filled the entire floor and much of the balcony. ย What was even more incredible than the amount of people that came for the show, was the amount of people that stayed AFTER the show to dedicate or rededicate their life to Christ; being offered the opportunity to come up on stage and lay their burdens quite literally at the foot of the cross.And though my body is begging me to stay in bed for the rest of the week, I’ve got to say that I’m wishing it wasn’t over so soon. ย I wish we had another week full of performances. ย I’m not ready to give up the entire experience of He’s Alive. ย And I’m surely not ready to give up the memory of the hope that I witnessed in the eyes of those who attended.

This Jesus high…it’s something that is not easily expressed through words. ย It’s something that you have to be a part of. ย And even though the experience is over for this year, I am challenging myself to find other ways to keep it going. ย Coming DOWN from this Jesus high is NOT an option!

And so I challenge you as well, to find a way to find your own experience that will provide that hope, and that bubble of sheer joy within you that you can receive through proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ and the measures He went to in order to show how much He cares. ย Find that experience and hold on tight; the ride is only beginning!

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